Sinus Infections

One of my friends just called me wanting to know what she can do for her sinus infection. You see she's pregnant and doesn't feel good about taking any OTC meds (smart lady :)).

Lucky for her, she knows that you can use essential oils to fight infections while you are pregnant! They are perfectly safe for use during and after pregnancy. The only "warning" I would give is that some women have a decrease in milk production when they use peppermint oil while they are nursing.

Here are some essential oils that work great for sinus infections:

On Guard - Put a couple of drops in a small amount of water and gargle. Helps with sore throat and to fight infection. You can also add it to your water and drink during the day (it's pretty strong, so beware!).

Breathe, Eucalyptus and Lemon, Oregano - Probably not all at once. :-) Try them and use what works for you. Put on your sinuses (and reflex points), under nose and chest. I love Breathe! It usually does the job for my family, but when it gets bad, I use Oregano. Oregano is a hot oil, so you definitely want to diluted it with Fractionated Coconut Oil (or regular CO).

DigestZen - May sound strange because this is a digestive blend, but it is great for breaking up mucus! Rub this around your navel. I know it sounds odd, but when you have an infection, your body tends to make a lot of mucus and it needs to be released through the bowels. So by putting the DigestZen around the navel, you are helping the body digest the excess mucus.

Oregano, Melaleuca and Frankincense - Put 2 drops of each in an empty capsule and take internally to fight the infection.

Purify - Put on the bridge of your nose to relieve stuffiness

These oils are from doTERRA. You can check them out at I can't link directly to specific oils. Click on "Shop for Products" and then on "Single Oils" and "Oil Blends" to find them.

The pricing you see is Retail price. If you are interested in Wholesale pricing, there is an awesome promotion going on right now. Email me for details or help with ordering. Or with any essential oil questions that you might have.