What can I expect from a Zone treatment?
After a foot zone treatment most people will feel very relaxed. They also feel a great release of stress. They may feel that their body feels more in balance allowing the body as a whole to have a more perfect state of homeostasis. Most Foot Zone Therapists can not diagnose or prescribe. We believe in treating the body as a whole and not treating specific diseases or problems. Although we can not claim direct healing effects and cures, we have seen remarkable results during or after the treatment. There have been many people that have experienced remarkable relief from common ailments as headaches, back pain, digestive and sleep disorders, depression, auto immune failure, the common cold/flu, relief and of stress, and many other health problems.

Are there any side effects from a Zone treatment?
Results will vary for each person. Depending on each individual's current state of health, certain results could be anticipated:
* Detoxification (increase in urination)
* Tiredness (signaling the need for repair)
* Increase in digestive activity
* Emotional release (sign of stress release)
* Higher levels of energy
* Deeper sleep
* Perspiration (detoxification through the skin)
* Overall sense of well-being

How often should I get a Zone treatment?
Your foot zone therapist can assist you in determining how often you should receive treatments. Treatment schedules depend on what you are trying to accomplish. A healthy person can hold a foot zone for 10-14 days. Some clients are zoned every two weeks while some are zoned once a month. Listen to your body and you will know when you need a zone treatment.

Will it hurt?
Discomfort is experienced in the areas of imbalance, where healing is needed.

How long does each treatment last?
Each treatment lasts 45-60 minutes.

Is Zone Balance Therapy for everyone?
Yes!! Except for 6 weeks after any surgery or accident, if you have had an organ transplant, or have a pacemaker. (Because the nature of a zone is to restore the body to it's original DNA blueprint, the signal system will detect these foreign objects and will attempt to discard them.)